2022 Embracing
YOU Conference
Designed for Today's Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur!

August 20, 2022 | 10AM - 3PM | VIRTUAL 


The Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (MCWEN) is one of the fastest growing communities for women entrepreneurs. Using the Proverbs 31 woman as a model, MCWEN seeks to support women to become impactful and positively influential women in their homes, community, and work.


We recognize that culture is shifting and women of color are now the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs, but the women in the MCWEN community do not just want to do business as usual. They are seeking ways to incorporate their values and faith, and believe that business is also about their purpose. 

AUGUST 20, 2022
10AM - 3PM

Join us for the 2022 Embracing YOU Conference! Whether you're an aspiring or existing business owner looking for resources to increase your growth, or a ministry leader or working professional seeking a motivational boost to get to your next level, don't miss this year's conference.

Hear inspiring messages from dynamic speakers and leaders on business growth strategies, professional development, branding and more, all while networking with other amazing like-minded individuals.






Andrena Sawyer (@andrena_sawyer)

Andrena Sawyer is the President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, an advisory firm for small to mid-sized nonprofits and businesses, and the Founder of MCWEN. In addition to her work with entrepreneurs and nonprofits, she is the author of several books, including: The Misadventures of a New Entrepreneur: 5 Things They Won’t Teach You in Business School.

Beverly Walthour (@beverlywalthour)

Beverly Walthour is an award-winning Multi-6-figure Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Consultant, and the CEO of BCW Business Ventures, LLC. She is also a TV and Radio Show Host in Atlanta, GA. She was the 1st African American woman with her own Business Radio Morning Show. Her shows are seen and heard across the globe.

Herlene Ancar (@herleneancar)

Herlene Ancar is an inspirational speaker, author, coach, community leader with over 20 years of experience inspiring people of all backgrounds to see and walk out their purpose. She served in the United States Navy for 11 years, and is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs at Southeastern College in Columbia SC. She resides in Columbia, SC with her two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Mariah.

Lakia Crutchfield (@kiakronicles)

Lakia is a wife, mother, educator, and growth mindset and communication expert. Her system gives a proven three step plan to assist in making decisions throughout life as we grow and change. She absolutely loves changing lives and living hers unapologetically. She assists women who are struggling with who they are and what that means to the world. Lakia helps them identify the who and what, and then move forward successfully.

Dr. Lisa N. Folden (@HealthyPhit)

Dr. Lisa N. Folden is a licensed physical therapist, mom-focused lifestyle coach and the owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC. As a body positive women’s health expert and health at every size (HAES) ambassador, Dr. Folden assists women seeking a healthier lifestyle by guiding their wellness choices through organization, planning strategies and holistic goal setting. Dr. Folden is a mom of three, published author and speaker.

Motivational Mary (@motivationalmary)

Mary is a wife, woman of GOD and mom who loves to WRITE and SPEAK about moving beyond the past to live in the present. Growing up without a natural father was a struggle for her. Through her life it brought on great pain and experiences. However, with great pain and experiences comes wisdom. She was able to overcome bullying, domestic violence and condemnation. This allowed her to establish her organization “Motivational Mary in 2014 and self-publish 5 books.

Nzingha "Zee" Martin (@amazinglyzee)

Driven by her values of learning and community, Nzingha (Zee) Martin believes in living a life full of joy, authenticity and being intentional in all aspects of her life. As a successful working mom of six, she recognizes and understands the methodical management and the intentional focus it takes to organize the chaos and create harmony at home and at work. Zee is competent in communicating with individuals from all levels of organizations and in with diverse cultures.

Perris LaNay Scott (@perrislanay)

Perris LaNay Scott is a Christian Fitness Coach. After high school she left home for a career in the United States Air Force. Her time in the military was spent across many states and overseas and she is still currently serving in the Air National Guard. In the military is where she found her love for fitness. It is also where she had her first encounter with Jesus. She is married and has three children. She holds a BA in Sports and Recreation Management and is a Certified Personal Trainer.


MCWEN seeks to partner with companies looking to associate themselves with a high quality event that brings purpose-driven entrepreneurs together for an inspiring experience. This is a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties and promote your business in the process. Interested in learning more? 

de Hermosa Clothing
de Hermosa Clothing
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Firstlight Home Care of Bowie
Firstlight Home Care of Bowie

Firstlight Home Care of Bowie provides Home Care throughout Bowie and many of the great surrounding communities of Central, Northern and Southern Prince George’s County Maryland.

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King Crown Financial Solutions
King Crown Financial Solutions

Your mission is to build a successful business that brings your talents and ideas to the world. Our goal is to create freedom and peace of mind for entrepreneurs through stress-free finances. Are you ready to focus on what really matters so you can do your best work? Book your complimentary strategy call TODAY!

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Nerdy Diva
Nerdy Diva

Nerdy Diva is a tech agency that focuses on building websites, apps, and online teaching platforms for diverse and inclusive audiences.

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P.E.R.K. Consulting
P.E.R.K. Consulting

An advisory firm that specializes in business development and capacity building support for nonprofits and small businesses. Services include business & nonprofit registration, business plans, staff & volunteer training, strategic planning, grant & proposal writing and more.

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Strange Fruit by WELL Fed Resources
Strange Fruit by WELL Fed Resources

For a A Pan-Generational Cadre of Believers Who Want to Radically Transform Our Lives and Our Communities.

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Get Involved – Volunteer at the 2022 Virtual Conference!

The 2021 conference cannot happen without the faithful service of our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you and schedule you in one of the many areas where we need help.

Our conference weekend consists of a worship night, workshops, vendors and more!  Volunteers will be able to attend a select number of workshops. 


  • Volunteers must be available for entirety of the Saturday conference to volunteer as needed.

  • Be present for a virtual or teleconference volunteer training. Time TBA.

  • Volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own  travel and hotel expenses.

  • Volunteers must be able to conduct themselves in harmony with Biblical standards at all times.

  • Dress code to be announced.

Ready to be part of this year's event team? Complete the volunteer form below! 



10:00am-10:30am:  Welcome Ceremony 

10:30am-11:25am: "MIND" Workshop Track

Speakers: Beverly Walthour & Herlene Ancar

11:45am-12:30pm: God, Vision & Purpose - Andrena Sawyer (MCWEN Founder)


12:50pm-1:40pm: "SOUL" Workshop Track

Speakers: Motivational Mary & Nzingha "Zee" Martin


1:50pm-2:30pm: "BODY" Workshop Track

Speakers: Perris Lanay Scott & Dr. Lisa Folden

2:30pm-2:45pm: Purpose Pitch Tour Finale

2:45pm -3:00pm: Closing Ceremony


*All times are EST. Session descriptions below.

"MIND" Workshop Track

10:30 am -
11:25 am

Workshop 1: How to Create a Successful Business Mindset

Speaker: Beverly Walthour

Description: As Christian Business Owners, it's important to create a mindset for success. We will delve into the mindset needed in order to create more INCOME & IMPACT without compromising your Christian Values!

Workshop 2: Why Not You?

Speaker: Herlene Ancar

Description: No one really listens to the novice or the inexperienced person. A private in the Army gives orders to no one and no one follows his guidance. Only those with experience and battle scars that has earned their stripes are heard or followed. So you asked WHY ME LORD....come prepared to hear the answer.

God, Vision, & Purpose

11:45am - 12:30pm

What does it mean to walk in purpose? Is it like what we see on social media? Does it require a mystical experience laced with challenges and difficulties? 
In this session, MCWEN Founder, Andrena Sawyer, will discuss how purpose-driven women can reject fear, comparison, and undue pressure to fully live the life that God intended for them. 

This session is interactive and will include a Q & A segment.

"SOUL" Workshop Track

12:50pm - 1:40pm

Workshop 1: Cultivating Relationships With Purpose

Speaker: Motivational Mary

Description: This workshop is designed to help women build healthy relationships in their home and community while healing their soul.

Workshop 2:  Daughters of a King: It’s Time to Mind Your Business!
Speaker: Nzingha "Zee" Martin

Description: Minding your business in Christ empowers us to understand who and whose we are. When we understand our God given identity we are empowered to be intentional about our God given authority. In this session we will understand our royal position as daughters of a King and change our stinking thinking. Participants will leave this session energized, empowered and transformed by the power of Christ. It’s time to think it, see it and live. It’s time to show up bold and whole. If not you then who, if not now then when? 

"BODY" Workshop Track

1:50pm - 2:30pm

Workshop 1: Prevention Through Prayer

Speaker: Perris Lanay Scott

Description: Have you ever felt like your efforts to improve your health proved to be impossible? No matter what diet you try or how often you work out, nothing changes. Sometimes you even feel like your condition is a hindrance to your ministry. In this session, we will introduce the idea that your access to better health is more spiritual than physical.

Workshop 2: Making Healthy Easy: A Framework for Helping Busy Women Live Their Healthiest Lives
Speaker: Dr. Lisa Folden


Description: In this session attendees will dive into the where, what, how and WHY it is so important for women to seek optimal health & wellness despite conflicting and competing responsibilities at home, work and in the community. Learn what tools you can use to maximize your health and what seemingly popular practices you can throw in the trash. 


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